14 most amazing ice-cream parlours in Dubai

Apart from the great luxury villas for sale in Dubai, Dubai offers luxury in every form and shape so whether you are shopping in the city or having ice cream in Dubai, you will find luxury in everything.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the most amazing ice cream parlours in Dubai that suit the needs of people who like to have truly decadent creamy ice-creams and also the ones who prefer to stay dairy-free.

  1.  DRI DRI

If you think gelato is just the fanciest word for ice-cream you are wrong. Unlike ice-cream which is mostly stuffed air, gelato is a traditional Italian dessert that consists of milk, cream, and flavoured ingredients. Gelato is made through a traditional Italian process called “mantecazione”, which literally means no air!

To make gelato, ice, milk, and flavours get churned get continuously churned in the gelato machine while it keeps freezing. After 20 minutes of constant churning, fresh gelato is made with no artificial flavours, emulsifiers, or colours. Some ingredient in the making of gelato comes from the air, like vanilla beans from Madagascar and cocoa from Brazil.

  1. Grom

This unusually named cafe serves the most unusual but delectable gelato flavours like mandarin and tiramisu. Besides amazing flavours what makes Grom stand apart is the fact that it uses natural ingredients so you can ask for a second scoop without any guilt.


This exquisite cafe sits below the lanterns in Souk Madinat and it makes fresh gelatos in amazing flavours like saffron, cardamom, and rose water.

  1. Fortnum and Manson

Do you fantasize about having delicious ice cream while staring out at the famous fountains of The Dubai Mall?

If so then Fortnum and Manson is a must-try for you.  Furthermore, it also offers a place for children and adults to merrily tuck into their sundaes.

  1. Scoopi

This ice cream parlour might sound like a casual ice cream place, but it only uses the finest quality products. For instance, at Scoopi the cream is brought from Denmark and chocolate straight from France. Its Black Diamond is thought to be the most expensive dessert in Dubai that has Madagascarian vanilla ice cream, Italian black truffles, Iranian saffron, and edible gold!

  1. Jam Bar

Ever tried a doughnut-ice cream sandwich, if no then visit Jam Bar and do!

Although this ice-cream joint is new on the scene, it takes pride in displaying the 1950s dinner-feel.

  1. Bacio Gelato

This another ice cream parlour that is famous for serving Arabic-inspired dates and rosewater. You can also rent Bacio Gelato’s truck to give life to your party.

  1. Wanna Banana

Wanna Banana is one of the amazing ice-cream places that boost your potassium levels by serving the creamiest frozen banana-based dessert that not only is healthy but also satiates your sweet-cravings.

  1. Succharia

This cafe is famous for giving delicious and healthy alternatives to people who eat consciously. It serves organic ice cream and organic ice-cream shakes.

  1. Kulfilicious

This frozen dessert called ‘kulfi’ is formed through milk caramelization which  requires milk to be left on simmering for endless hours. Consequently making milk develop sweetness and nutty flavour.

  1. Cone Street

Are you a lactose-intolerant yet cannot get enough of ice-cream?

Feel no despair, for in Dubai the Cone Street feels your pain and aims to get it all covered for you. Here, you would find any dairy-based gelato as the ice-cream makers use rice and soy milk to make ice cream. Furthermore, the ice creams of cone street are also devoid of sugar and sorbet yet it doesn’t lose its flavour.

  1. Dessert Island

Get your moods switched on by allowing the waves of a sundae or thick gelato shake of dessert island to swim in your mouth in varying flavours. If you are in Dubai on a visit, it is a must-try!

  1. Marble Slab Creamery

This ice-cream parlour is literally a fantasy for crazy ice-cream lovers, it offers unlimited mix-ins with unlimited choice so you create each scoop that is special in its own way!

  1. Ice Cream Lab

This ice-cream joint hails straight from Beverly Hills and it is basically an ice-cream shop-turned-science lab. Here you can choose the fresh and organic ingredients and even watch as the ice-cream makers use liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze the cream and flavours into an icy scoop.

In Dubai, you not just get the best ice-creams but also the most luxurious and comfortable living. So make yourself lucky by buying one of the city walk apartments for sale.